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Enterprise Architectures & Services Curriculum

The integrated knowledge and service layers drive the Curriculum and realted innovations.

Knowledge-driven Enterprise Architectures and Services curriculum:

  • Enterprise Software Engineering Principles (CSE 757)
  • Software Engineering Project (CSE 758)
  • Distributed Enterprise Computing (CSE 762
  • Enterprise Architecture Principles (CSE 794j)
  • Enterprise Architecture Project (CSE 794k)

  Recommended certifications include ITIL and TOGAF. 

NEWPATH program for entrepreneurship:

Highly motivated and talented students from among those currently majoring in or having expressed interest in the Computer Science and Engineering, Computer and Information Science, or Electrical and Computer Engineering degree programs are recruited into the NEWPATH program. Each NEWPATH student also completes an existing Interdisciplinary Minor in Entrepreneurship.  Three important elements are vital to NEWPATH.  

  • First, in addition to faculty mentors, each student will have an industry mentor, a volunteer from the staff or an affiliate company of TechColumbus (a local organization that offers a full range of technology and entrepreneurial services from advice through pre-seed funding, access to venture capital and incubation space).
  • Second, an entrepreneurship training program for NEWPATH students introduces internships in high-tech IT start-ups in collaboration with the project personnel and staff from TechColumbus.
  • Third, E-Practicum gives students a unique opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills—in IT and its applications, as well as in entrepreneurship—to run real start-ups. They will go through the phases of planning, market search, fund raising, business management, R&D management, product development, marketing, customer relations, and sales for the creation and operation of small IT ventures.


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