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Press Release On CETI And Bostech Collaboration

2008-05-08, Bostech Corporation/Kristen Puckett

Suppose your city administration wanted to create an online Emergency Management system with the ability to integrate police, safety and hospital data into a single collection point to assist those being treated at a crime scene with consolidated information? This is the type of high-tech data integration project that The Ohio State University faculty and students will be faced with this quarter. OSU graduate students are designing and implementing the prototype solution using latest Java technologies, including enterprise-level software made available by Columbus-based company, Bostech Corporation. 

Bostech Corporation ( helps companies efficiently integrate software applications using a standards-based middleware solution, ChainBuilder ESB. The ChainBuilder ESB solution is business software composed of graphical interfaces (complete with drag-and-drop functionality and step-by-step wizards), that creates an integration bus environment to collect, enhance and pass data between service requesters and providers. 

Rajiv Ramnath, Director of CETI ( at the Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering at OSU says: “Our department was given a significant equipment grant recently from IBM to build an enterprise-scale laboratory and it has afforded us the opportunity to expand the course to include corporate-scaled software, like ChainBuilder ESB.” 

The graduate level course presents enterprise-level architectures (like web-based portals and database applications) that are commonly used as gathering points for data and then introduces several technologies to gain access and integrate the structures. The integration technologies range from JavaScript and XML, up to the Enterprise Service Buses (ESB). 

“The goal of the course,” Rajiv continues,”is to provide the opportunity for our students to envision past the course curriculum and into the difficult integration situations facing corporations today and then how to creatively solve those situations using current and advanced technologies.” 

Kristen Puckett, Director of Marketing at Bostech, has been working for approximately a year with OSU to introduce the product into the courseware. Kristen says “While the graduate students will quickly understand the business problem of the project, these students are coming to the course with a variety of software skill sets. The graphical interfaces of ChainBuilder ESB will make it very easy for them to build the connection they want without becoming a java expert.” 

Kristen says: “Cost was another consideration for OSU. Bostech is able to provide the software at no cost to the school through the open source download on our website. Bostech is also supplementing the solution with free services normally included in a paid support subscription. We consider it a great opportunity to stay connected with the university and provide these students with access to quality large-scale application software as the finish their graduate programs.” 

While OSU is using the software in a classroom environment, companies around the University are also benefiting from Bostech technology in corporate applications. Columbus-based, Highlights for Children is using Bostech technology to consolidate their orders and make them available to their backend ordering system. Highlights for Children moved approximately 30,000 toy-related orders on Amazon with the Bostech solution over the holiday season. HTP, Inc., a healthcare software company, leverages ChainBuilder within its HTP RevRunner product to assist in connecting client hospitals with potential insurance payers to maximize reimbursement for existing eligible claims. 

To obtain a free open source download of ChainBuilder ESB for Windows or Linux, visit the ChainBuilder ESB Community Site: 


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Bostech Corporation/Kristen Puckett 

2800 Corporate Exchange Drive, Suite 260 Columbus, OH 43231

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