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CETI PhD Student Awarded IBM Fellowship.

Joe Bolinger, a PhD student in Computer Science and Engineering, was recently awarded a PhD Fellowship by IBM.

Joe Bolinger   

Joe Bolinger's research is at the intersection of computer supported cooperative work and enterprise architecture and governance to solve challenges identified by CETI's industry partners.  He is working on a new generation of workflow environments that will allow macro level structure to be enforced while allowing flexibility at the micro level.  Micro-level features also empower the knowledge worker to make local factors influencing the performance of work explicit.  With this explicit knowledge, the overall macro-level process can also evolve.  His research supervisor is Dr. Jay Ramanathan.  Joe is also working on extracting curriculum assets as a rersearch assistant on Dr. Rajiv Ramnath's NSF funded Course, Curriculum, and Laboratory Improvement  (CCLI) project called CASE: Community for Accelerated Services Engineering.  The IBM Ph.D. Fellowship Awards Program is an intensely competitive worldwide program, which honors exceptional Ph.D. students who have an interest in solving problems that are important to IBM and fundamental to innovation in many academic disciplines and areas of study. These include: computer science and engineering, electrical and mechanical engineering, physical sciences (including chemistry, material sciences, and physics), mathematical sciences (including optimization), business sciences (including financial services, communication, and learning/knowledge), and service science, management, and engineering (SSME). For more visit IBM site.


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