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The aim of the project is to develop a Real Estate Advisory web portal that would connect relevant parties and advises them on how to market and resell distressed and foreclosed real estate using real estate trends and sale of properties in the Franklin County area. PropertyIQ is a  Web 2.0  Mashup that renders this advisory service and  connects the user base using web social networking concepts. The entire system is divided into four components: Property Data, GIS, Collaboration, and Trends.

The technologies used were asp.NET 3.5 using Microsoft AJAX framework, C#, MYSql for storing GIS maps, collaboration, property and trends data. Click here for poster


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Computer Assisted Self Interview:

Computer Assisted Self Interview is an iPad application that can retrieve survey data from a server and automatically submit subject responses reliably and efficiently. The technologies used are C#, ASP.NET, MS SQL Server, Objective-C (Cocoa), OpenSSL, SQLite, SQLCipher, C++, Blowfish. It consists of 3 parts such as Survey Builder which creates a survey to be deployed across all iPads, Web Services which provide SOAP/XML interface to transmit survey to iPads and intercept survey responses and iPad which intercept survey structure and builds a tree in memory, allows user to take a survey, changing the tree path based on answers in real time and then submitting the response back to web services. Click here for poster
Students: Shaun Brady, Adam Cotner, Hyun Lee, Renée Tischle
Similar Music Search Engine:

Our project is a music search engine called 'Similar Music Search Engine'. A user can input a music file through the web interface and our search engine will return a set of songs as output which are similar to the input clip by querying a database of music files. The output is returned with an embedded player. Our search engine will be helpful in detecting music plagiarism. As opposed to other music information retrieval systems, we are concentrating solely on the key melody feature of a song and considering that as the basis for our similar search engine. The key melodies of two songs are compared using an appropriate similarity metric which we have proposed and then the similarity is computed. Click here for poster
Students: Artika Agrawal,Arun Sundaram, Ashish Nagavaram,Ashwin Shiv Kumar
iPhone Applications for Intra-Industry Use:

This is a Lab NoteBook Application will allow the user to take notes on text editor, capture images and sketch design as well as store and share them via iPhone. The Heat input of a weld Calculator Application allows the engineer to use his iPhone to calculate complex calculations on welding site. The Library application on start-up will automatically direct the user to the enquiry form of EWI site from iPhone home-screen. Important features of the application are Flexible working, Notebook and Heat Calculator at fingertips, Never out of touch, Greater Functionality, Well-documented system design and architecture lays the ground work for future development, Can be customized to cater to the needs of users like students/researchers/engineers in various industries. Click here for poster
Students: Chiu Ni Wang, Dharneesh Talasu, Swati Rathore, Zoya Ali
Podcast-Tagging on the iPhone:

Podcast-Tagging is an enhancement built for Ohio State Medical student who have access to infinte amount of resources in the form of lectures and study material. Using this, they can bookmarks, comment while they are listening, make notes. This application uploads the podcasts from iTunes library and provides memory capacity for tags and comments. Click here for poster
Students: Lewis Carter, Isaac Chan, Nelly Ruehl
Free Meet 2 Trade:

Free Meet 2 Trade site is a purely local site for Ohio State students where they can place used books online for sale and other students can purchase these books from the students. It is a win-win situation for students in which both the seller can make more money than the book store offers and the buyer can purchase a book for a lower cost than what the store provides.

FreeMeet2Trade is a website designed for use by students to contact other students to encourage the exchange of textbooks. It provides a professional facilitator to students who want to buy and sell textbooks with other students. Accounts are only available to students with proper .edu email addresses. Once a student sign’s up for an account, they can start the Meet2Trade process of trading textbooks for cash with other students. Click here for poster
Students: Firas Alnemer, Mark Arnold, Mike Pulakos, Chris Sherman
iPhone Native App for iShoe:

iShoe is a iPhone based application to enrich the football game experience by providing the current stats, play-by-plays and other information with better interface and presentation. The user device runs the application, which consists of a view layer and a controller. This communicates with the server through the internet. The iShoe server runs Red Hat Linux and an Apache HTTP server, which contains the model and a connective layer between the native application and the model. Click here for poster
Students: Christopher Dean, Mike Rojas, Alex Stevens, and Adam Zink
iPod Touch App:

This application is develop to help implement a study to analyze interaction study participants and their peers. The study requires both a method for recording daily conversation of its participants and a method to aggregate all recording into a central location. This location should be accessible by the researchers, and system administrators. The researchers will then need a systematic approach to analyze and categorize the data gathered from each recording. Click here for poster
Students: Jonathan Tubb, Silas Baronda, Ross Amore, Devon Garrett
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