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Traceability in Knowledge-Intensive Document-Based Processes

Collaborative Spaces for Increased Traceability in Knowledge-Intensive Document-Based Processes - By Greg Horvath, Sponsored by Nationwide Insurance

Today's spectrum of workflow to Computer Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) tools provide a continuum of support ranging from process-driven to ad-hoc user interaction. Depending on the position within this continuum, tools provide process visibility and traceability at the expense of flexibility. In this thesis we present a document-centric collaborative process-management system called MySight. Additionally, we provide a framework for knowledge-intensive workflow enactment. Our framework is illustrated using critical and commonly occurring processes in industry called the Architecture Life-Cycle (ALC) management processes. These processes review technological changes made to the installed Information Technology (IT) architectures in order to ensure architecture stability as well as to ensure the evolving requirements of the business are met. We illustrate how the MySight system and framework support the contingencies of knowledge-intensive and collaborative work in document-based processes‟ while still maintaining the visibility and traceability needed to ensure processes control and improvement. Click here for poster

Student: Greg Horvath

Sponsored by Nationwide Insurance

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