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Data Integration using Enterprise Service Bus

Data Integration in Reporting Systems using Enterprise Service Bus - By Ketaki Koppal Sponsored by Strategic Thinking Industries

Data integration, the process of combining data from different sources into a unified view, has become a significant problem in the field of computer science. As the volume of data and rate of information exchange increases, data integration becomes more challenging. An ideal data integration system is the one that allows loose coupling among heterogeneous data sources, facilitates access management and maintains currency of the data. One of the reasons for data integration is the generation of reports. While the process of designing a reporting system inherits the challenges in designing a typical data integration system, it also has some characteristic issues of its own. One of the key issues is allowing mass customization. Existing reporting tools are limited in addressing one or the other of these challenges. This thesis is an attempt to come up with a customizable integration architecture that meets these requirements in the clinical domain. We will also discuss one of the web 2.0 technologies – data mashup - and how it can be leveraged to design an advanced solution for this problem. Click here for poster

Student: Ketaki Koppal

Sponsored by Strategic Thinking Industries

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