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The Mirror Reference Architecture

The Mirror Reference Architecture and Cyber Infrastructure provides a laboratory environment for students to demonstrate technology solutions developed in projects. Starting with an IBM SUR grant as a basis, we have developed methods and tools to manage highly complex, distributed systems. The figure is a conceptual view of the services (integrated by the underlying enterprise service ontology). Starting with the Dashboard (top left) for mining operational knowledge for decision making, we research Data Management (lower left) and Green Computing (lower right) aspects. In addition we also look at the leverage of such an architecture to deliver important new classes of socially relevant applications (top right). One class of applications includes "Serious Gaming" - for example Geo Game. This explores in-the-small interactions between agents as they make decisions. The Mirror allows us to apply rules and realize real-world consequences due to interactions and policy, support planning by looking at the impact of policy, and finally, execute new policies leading to new consequences.

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