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An Adaptive Complex Enterprise Framework For Lean Information Technology-Enabled Services Delivery

Within today’s service-oriented economy, there is a critical need for prescriptive and evolutionary method to improve the performance of services. Also service organizations rely heavily on enabling Information Technology (IT) and underlying components. However such systems are getting increasingly complex and the introduction of technology does not automatically mean that services will improve! A major challenge to be addressed is the conceptualization of thousands of many-to-many relationships and service-based interactions between processes, organizations, applications, and enabling IT components. While emerging standards and best practices apply, these are not directly linked to desirable process behaviors, such as Lean and Quality. The contribution here is the Adaptive Complex Enterprise (ACE) method for overall system improvement that integrates techniques of computer science and systems engineering. A case study in the healthcare industry is used to characterize service challenges and illustrate improvements achievable through method application. The method provides a representation scheme based on patterns and principles of analysis based on virtual transactions supported by eWorkcenters associating compositions of IT infrastructure services and physical resources to business services. We show how the scheme is deployed in the context of existing enterprise systems and emerging technologies to reduce the time to install new PCs. The objective is met by quantifying the interactions between global Lean and local autonomic goals to achieve continuous improvement. Authors - Dr. Jay Ramanathan, Dr. Rajiv Ramnath, Randall Glassgow Sponsored by - IBM faculty Innovation Grant

OSU-CISRC-507-TR37 PC Install Service Improvement with Lean ACE.pdf — PDF document, 364Kb

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