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Performance-Centered Architecture For Shared IT Services

One of the most critical demands in today’s service-oriented economy is the need for innovative methods for improving the organization of and interactions within a complex enterprise, thereby enabling better service performance. This paper provides 1) an assessment of state-of-the-art Enterprise Architecture (EA) methodologies and practices for Business-IT alignment and improvement of IT services, 2) an Adaptive Complex Enterprise (ACE) analysis framework to provide a basis for change, and 3) a short- and long-term roadmap. The ACE framework is applied here to achieve efficient mapping of incoming IT service Requests to Roles in a complex IT service organization. Finally, the document identifies Enterprise Architecture research topics centered on this project. Authors - Praveen Nagarajan Roshni Datta, Dr Jay Ramanathan, Dr Rajiv Ramnath

OSU-CISRC-409-TR12 Performance Centered Architecture for Shared Services.pdf — PDF document, 305Kb

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