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Serious Gaming For Sustainability Using Spatial Cyber Memory

The vision is of making community knowledge related to resource consumption explicit thus enabling collaboration towards effective decision-making and use. Such collaborations are motivated by government and non-government organizations and businesses looking for ways to engage and learn from citizens and deliver services more effectively. We argue that the goal of such collaborations is not necessarily to achieve a pre-determined conclusion, but towards building the information and knowledge basis for planning, executing and assessing services based on continuous alignment and re-alignment to community/citizen needs. The knowledge is crowd-sourced, related to spatial events, changes to shared assets, and individual actions over time. The main contribution of the paper is towards this goal with Spatial Cyber Memory accumulated based on gaming-type collaborations and real-world data through The Mirror Cyber Infrastructure (or CI). We show here how this is achieved through 1) collaborative gaming and decision-making related to a green revolution gaming application (called GeoGame), 2) the underlying ontology and CI architecture concepts, and 3) the creation of spatial cyber memory for informed decision-making, and 4) future research issues. Thus we illustrate a CI for the synthesis of information needed for the successful alignment of existing shared resources to the need. Authors - Dr. Jay Ramanathan, Dr. Ola Ahlqvist, Cheyney Loffing, Dr. Rajiv Ramnath

OSU-CISRC-4-09-TR13 Serious Gaming.pdf — PDF document, 380Kb

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