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Practice-Relevant Pedagogy for Mining Software Engineering Curricula Assets

Software Engineering (SE) is a critical discipline in creating, assembling and operating complex information systems. However, industry software engineering practice and needs have significantly outpaced and diverged from the standard software engineering academic curriculum. This report presents a learning outcome-driven, reflective-practice-based pedagogical approach to curriculum development is critical to identifying knowledge assets and frameworks. We support our hypothesis through findings from over twenty-five projects drawn from two categories of field research from two Universities over a period of four years. This paper describes challenges in software engineering curriculum enhancement by examining trends in the practice of computing, describes our pedagogical approach to addressing this challenge, provides examples of where we have been successful in our approach and summarizes, concludes and describes future work. This paper thus attempts to provide a process for understanding where to target curriculum knowledge mining for software engineering, how to mine and develop knowledge, how to establish relevance, and how to achieve results within shorter time frames than through a traditional research process. We also present critical success factors, practical implications, limitations of this approach and future work planned. Authors - Dr Jay Ramanathan, Dr Rajiv Ramnath, Dr Umesh Bellur

OSU-CISR-5-07-TR36.pdf — PDF document, 651Kb

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